What I’m Thinking: Puzzling Parable

Jesus told a story commending self-serving, dishonest, even criminal behavior. What are we to make of that? Here’s a transcript: I”m thinking about the sixteenth chapter of Luke (Luke 16:1-13). It contains one of Jesus’ more puzzling stories. We usually call it “The Parable of the Dishonest Manager.” This fellow was accused by his employer […]

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Sermon: Throwaway

September 15, 2019Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostLuke 15:1-10 by Eric Anderson When I throw something away, I don’t want it to reappear. Sometimes that can’t be helped, of course. The things I put in the wastebaskets here at the church have to be gathered together, bagged, and taken to the dumpster. At other times, trash reappears […]

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What I’m Thinking: Throwaway

The good people criticized Jesus for spending so much time with the bad people. Jesus, however, doesn’t throw anyone away. Here’s a transcript: I’m thinking about the fifteenth chapter of Luke (Luke 15:1-10). Some of the good people, some of the respectable people, some of the folks who led religious communities, some of the folks […]

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Sermon: Counting the Cost

September 8, 2019Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostLuke 14:25-33 by Eric Anderson One of the delights of the social media age is that there are people out there with a great sense of humor that they can express and share very concisely. Another delight is that there are also people out there with deep wisdom. Occasionally, the […]

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Pastor’s Corner: Overwhelmed

September 4, 2019 Have you ever felt overwhelmed? I have. I wish I were better at handling it. Fortunately, I cope better than I used to (given some of my catastrophic failures to adapt, that may not be saying much). There are a few things I know: First, it doesn’t do a lot of good […]

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2019

Registration, donation, and tracking forms are now available in a fold-er in the back of the sanctuary for those interested in joining us on Saturday, September 21st, for the annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s.” All are welcome to join us. Our team’s name is “Church of the Holy Cross.” Registration starts at 7 am, opening […]

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What is Your “Life Ring”?

Every one of us has had to live with strain. We’ve gone through hardships, losses, uncertainties, and even failures. And we have come through! We’re here. We’ve found ways to thrive and to heal. Join us after worship on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 11:00 am, in the Building of Faith, for a conversation about […]

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What I’m Thinking: Cost of Discipleship

Jesus told his followers that his yoke was easy, and his burden was light – but not in Luke 14. In Luke 14, he told them to count the cost before they made the commitment. Here’s a transcript: Jesus is quoted as saying, “Come to me, you who are weary or heavy laden, and I […]

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Sermon: To Choose the Place of Honor

September 1, 2019Twelfth Sunday after PentecostLuke 14:1, 7-14 by Eric Anderson It seems like such straightforward good advice, doesn’t it? And it’s even Biblical, which should surprise us of Jesus, who rather liked to quote the Scriptures and was really good at it. Proverbs 25 includes these words: “Do not put yourself forward in the […]

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What I’m Thinking: Humility

As a dinner guest, Jesus ventured to recommend some humility to those who shared the table. It’s been a virtue ignored by some and enforced on others in our society. Or so I’ve come to think. Here’s a transcript: I’m thinking about the fourteenth chapter of Luke’s Gospel (Luke 14:1, 7-14), which finds Jesus at […]

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