Sermon: Never Again

February 18, 2018 Genesis 9:8-17 Let’s face it. The story of Noah is peculiar. We often hear it as a sweet story about a boat ride with lots of nice, fluffy animals. In fact, we reinforce that image with children’s toys and baby’s linens decorated with smiling creatures riding in a cheerful ark. We remember […]

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What I’m Thinking: Never Again

  After the flood, God told Noah that the rainbow would be a sign of promise: of God’s promise never to destroy the world through water again. So I’m thinking about all the other things I’d like to never see again! Here’s a transcript: Lent begins this Ash Wednesday. The ashes mark our repentance: our […]

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Ideas for Lenten Disciplines

How long is Lent? It’s forty days, running from Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). If you count the spaces on the calendar, however, you’ll find that there are forty-six days in that period. The reason is that the Sundays are not counted in the forty days. Sunday, in ancient Christian thinking, […]

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Pastor’s Corner: Real Problems

February 7, 2018 I’m afraid that there are times, in the busy life of the church, when something falls upon my ear and I mutter (silently, thank the Good Lord) something like, “Oh, my. Can we work on a real problem, please?” I’m not the only pastor to do it. Other colleagues have confessed to […]

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Lenten Season 2018

Lent is a season of 40 days (not counting Sundays) beginning on Ash Wednesday (Feb 14 this year) and ending on the day before Easter (April 1).  Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for Easter, the 40 days representing the time Jesus spent in the wilderness enduring temptation and preparing to begin […]

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What I’m Thinking: Unanticipated Transfiguration

  When Jesus invited his disciples to join him on a mountain hike, I’m sure they knew what to expect. Some talk, some learning, some laughs, and probably (this was Jesus, after all) some time in silent prayer. What they got was something entirely different: a transfigured Messiah. Here’s a transcript: This coming Sunday I’ll […]

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Sermon: The Muddle of Discipleship

February 4, 2018 Mark 1:29-39 It’s my experience that all supervisors, executives, and bosses share one basic characteristic: they don’t know how long it takes for their employees to get things done. I’m sure our office manager, Momi Lyman, has noticed that about me. I’ll give a long, involved description of a request that takes […]

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What I’m Thinking: The Muddles of Discipleship

  The Rev. Linda Petrucelli will preach on Sunday, January 28, so this edition of “What I’m Thinking” is about the text for the following Sunday, February 4. It’s the one in which Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law. Wait. Mother-in-law? Peter was married? So it seems. Which means the disciples wrestled with obligations familiar to us all. Here’s a transcript: […]

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Sermon: Catch and…?

January 21, 2018 Mark 1:14-20 As a child, I was aware of two kinds of fishing. Not very aware, as my grandfather’s affection for fishing had gone to my aunt and not my father (and I don’t have it either), but I was aware of two kinds of fishing. There was catch, cook, and eat, […]

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Pastor’s Corner: Breathe

January 17, 2018 Regular viewers of our “What I’m Thinking” video series might believe that I think about Scripture most of the time. And, when I’m in front of that camera every week, that’s precisely what I’m thinking about. Sitting in front of the keyboard today, however, my mind has been awhirl with many, many things: […]

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