What I’m Thinking: Loss and Hope

I’m traveling during the next couple of weeks. My thoughts, rather than holding to a Scripture text, are on some people we grieve at Church of the Holy Cross this month. Here’s a transcript: I confess it. I’m not thinking about a Scripture passage coming up in the Revised Common Lectionary. I will be traveling […]

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Sermon: Oh, To Be Wise

June 16, 2019Trinity SundayProverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 by Eric Anderson When the preacher begins a sermon with a list of the things that the sermon might have been about but isn’t, it’s a sign of at least one thing and possibly two things. It’s certainly a sign that the topics before the preacher are bigger than […]

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Pastor’s Corner: Influence

June 5, 2019 How many people do you influence? I would guess it’s more than you imagine. What you say, what you do (and what you don’t say and what you don’t do) makes a difference in the lives of the people you see nearly every day. Think about their faces for a moment. Some […]

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What I’m Thinking: Questions About Wisdom

The figure of Wisdom takes center stage in Proverbs 8 – but why not in human life? And why do we (men) resist the authority of women? Here’s a transcript: My apologies for the dealy in producing What I’m Thinking this week. Last weekend was the ‘Aha Pae’aina of the Hawai’i Conference of the United […]

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Sermon: Another Language for Rejoicing

Pentecost SundayActs 2:1-21 by Eric Anderson Fulfillment hardly ever looks like what we’d expected. At least, not the fulfillment of God’s promises. There are plenty of human fulfillments that look exactly like the picture in the catalog, or the image on the screen. This microphone, for example. It looks exactly the same as it did […]

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VBS 2019 – Calling All Superheroes

Vacation Bible School will be held at the Church of the Holy Cross on July 25, 26, and 27, 2019 for pre-kindergarteners to 8th graders. Thursday, July 25, 5:30 – 8:30 pm Sleepover* from Friday, July 26, 5:30 pm to Saturday, July 27, 10:00 am (*Sleepover is optional)Come and discover your strength in God!To register, […]

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What I’m Thinking: Spirit of Discernment

Even on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came with signs and wonders, it was not obvious that what was happenings came from the Holy Spirit. People still needed to interpret. They still needed to understand. Here’s a transcript: I’m wearing red because this coming Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. It celebrates the gift […]

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Sermon: Annoying People

June 2, 2019Seventh Sunday of Easter Acts 16:16-34 by Eric Anderson Back in February, I was honored to deliver the sermon at the Hawai’i Conference’s Church Leaders Event at Nu’uanu Congregational Church UCC on O’ahu. I asked the assembly a series of yes or no questions, and they’d raise their hands if the answer was […]

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What I’m Thinking: People, Not Things

Sometimes people treat people as if they were things. The Apostle Paul showed how powerful it can be if you treat people like people. Here’s a transcript: I’m thinking about the sixteenth chapter of Acts of the Apostles (Acts 16:16-34). In one sense, it tells a very common story: it describes the Apostle Paul being […]

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Sermon: Holy City

May 26, 2019Sixth Sunday of Easter Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5 by Eric Anderson The Revelation to John is popular with some Christians, and really unpopular with other Christians. Based on what people shared during our Bible studies this week, and on the time our Sunday morning group studied the book, I would guess that it would […]

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