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Each week, we post Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Eric Anderson. If you can’t join us on Sunday morning, try following #3tweetsermon on Twitter.

Sermon: Blessed

Published on
October 29, 2017: All Saints Sunday Matthew 5:1-12 I’ve had a set of teary moments this week. The first came on Tuesday, when Momi gave me a couple of envelopes which people had left to sponsor me in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser (see news coverage here). I was so moved by…
Tags: #blessed, #blessing, #comfort, #need

Sermon: All You’ve Got to Do is Be Worth Imitating

Published on
October 22, 2017 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 I can’t help but wonder whether I would have liked the Apostle Paul. He was the champion for including the unincludeable. He was the guy who made the great turn-around. Though he’d once actively tried to squelch the spreading message of God’s Messiah in Jesus, he turned that same…
Tags: #blessing, #example, #grace, #imitation, #peace

Sermon: Safety

Published on
October 15, 2017 Exodus 32:1-14 Children’s Sabbath I think most of us recognize the difference between being instructed in how to do something on the one hand, and having the experience of doing it on the other. Cooking, cleaning, carpentry, driving, singing, playing an instrument, writing, plumbing, weeding, gardening – we get better at these…
Tags: #idolatry, #safety

Sermon: Deceptively Simple

Published on
October 8, 2017 Exodus 20:1-20 Access Sunday In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, a fictionalized look at the rash of public arrests, trials, and executions for witchcraft which occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 and 1693, a visiting minister asks the main character, John Proctor, to name the Ten Commandments. He does pretty well, getting…
Tags: #TenCommandments

Sermon: Are You Listening to This, God?

Published on
October 1, 2017 Exodus 17:1-7 World Communion Sunday Neighbors in Need Offering The people of Israel were in a desperate situation. Again. They had escaped from slavery in Egypt, a desperate situation, through a series of miracles: the plagues which eventually forced Pharaoh to release them. Pharaoh's army pursued them, another desperate situation, until the…
Tags: #blacklivesmatter, #complaint, #need

Sermon: Bright as Crystal

Published on
September 24, 2017 Revelation 22:1-5 Season of Creation: River Sunday We come to the close of our month-long Season of Creation today with River Sunday. I have to admit that I find this a strange Biblical text for River Sunday – at least it has a river in it. I think on Forest Sunday we…
Tags: #cityofGod, #environment, #paradise, #river

Sermon: Essentials and Opinions

Published on
September 17, 2017 Romans 14:1-12 Just Peace Sunday There’s a tempting way to describe the history of the Christian Church, and it goes like this: In the beginning, there was Jesus, and Jesus taught his disciples the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And there was morning, and there was evening, and…
Tags: #aloha, #appreciation, #difference, #Love

Sermon: Fly on the Wings of the Morning

Published on
September 10, 2017 Psalm 139:7-12 Season of Creation: Land Sunday Many years ago, I proved how much I love my son. We were on vacation in Baltimore, Maryland, which was the setting for the UCC’s General Synod in July (and that has nothing to do with my story). Baltimore is home to one of the…
Tags: #faith, #prayer, #seasonofcreation

Sermon: The Known Unknown

Published on
September 3, 2017 Acts 17:22-28 Season of Creation: Forest Sunday In 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was giving a briefing at the Pentagon. Rumsfeld was known for saying memorable things, and fifteen years later, this one still echoes with me. He said: “Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because…
Tags: #hubris, #knowledge, #mystery, #Wisdom

Sermon: Institutional Rebels

Published on
August 27, 2017 Exodus 1:8-2:10 Matthew 16:13-20 There is a notion among Christians that we are good, solid citizens, law-abiding and tax-paying people, who don’t cause trouble and don’t break laws. The Apostle Paul even recommended it in his letter to the Romans. “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities,” he wrote in…
Tags: #authority, #justice, #power, #resistance, #righteousness
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