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Each week, we post Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Eric Anderson. If you can’t join us on Sunday morning, try following #3tweetsermon on Twitter.

Sermon: This May Need a Song

Published on
August 19, 2018 Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost Ephesians 5:15-20 We’ve got a little more good advice this week, both from the letter to the Ephesians and from the story of King Solomon. Seek wisdom, we’re told. Be wise. In the case of Solomon, wisdom means to govern for the well-being of your people. In Ephesians,…
Tags: #music, #Spirit

Sermon: Just Plain Good Advice

Published on
August 12, 2018 Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Have you ever noticed that people sometimes resist good advice? Yesterday at the airport waiting for my flight back to Hilo I watched a young mother follow her toddler around the seats in the waiting area. The child was clearly new to walking and also clearly…
Tags: #action, #advice, #ethics, #morality

Sermon: One Bread, One Body

Published on
August 5, 2018 Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost John 6:24-35, Ephesians 4:1-16 This was also the day of Church of the Holy Cross' annual picnic, and we were joined in worship by members of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa of Hilo. Of all the metaphors for the life of faith, I turn most often…

Sermon: Helping Hands

Published on
July 29, 2018 Tenth Sunday after Pentecost John 6:1-21 There is an old story about a poor traveler – a bum, a hobo, if you will – who visited a village and went door to door asking for help: a little bread, a bowl of porridge, a cup of soup. Each house, however, though it…

Sermon: Stone by Stone

Published on
July 22, 2018 Ninth Sunday after Pentecost Ephesians 2:11-22 British author L. P. Hartley opened his novel The Go-Between with these words: “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.” And I would guess that you had some sense of the foreignness of the first century as Gloria read these words from…
Tags: #grace

Sermon: Stretch Out, Now

Published on
July 1, 2018 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Mark 5:21-43 If there is one thing I could use in my life right now, it’s healing. To start with the most trivial, I’m pleased to say that I’m getting over this cough I’ve had, but this has been one stubborn little virus, and I know a number…
Tags: #faith, #healing

Sermon: Very, Very Special

Published on
June 24, 2018 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Mark 4:35-41 The power of nature can be, probably always should be, a scary thing: something to stimulate the fear that becomes caution, consideration, respect. The prayer of Breton fishermen could be echoed by ocean voyagers of every sea and every language: "O God, thy sea is so…
Tags: #courage, #faith, #power, #trouble

Sermon: Let Me Take a Closer Look

Published on
June 17, 2018 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Mark 4:26-34 This has not been a good week for public interpretation of the Bible. Let me take a closer look: The Attorney General of the United States chose to use Romans 13:1 to justify this administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, which includes separation of children from their parents…
Tags: #Bible, #children, #Hope

Sermon: Just a Leader – That’s All We Ask

Published on
June 10, 2018 Third Sunday after Pentecost 1 Samuel 8:4-20 The people of Israel had a problem. Their government wasn’t working the way it was supposed to. In those days, the nation of Israel was a somewhat loose confederation of the twelve tribes. The elders of the tribes took care of most of the day-to-day…
Tags: #leadership, #planning, #work

Sermon: What Is Right?

Published on
June 3, 2018 Second Sunday after Pentecost Mark 2:23-3:6 "What Is Right?" That’s a pretty blunt title for a sermon, isn’t it? If the title of my sermon ends with a question mark, you would do well to suspect that I didn’t know the answer when I wrote down the question. Further, if the title…
Tags: #rest, #sabbath, #service
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