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Each week, we post Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Eric Anderson. If you can’t join us on Sunday morning, try following #3tweetsermon on Twitter.

Sermon: “Where Has Wisdom Gone?”

Published on
May 22, 2016: Trinity Sunday Texts: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22,31 John 16:12-15 Picture a world in which divine figures are constantly at war with one another. Picture a world in which these gods have no particular care for human beings, but play their games for power and might, rolling right over the places where people live…
Tags: #Joy, #Wisdom

Sermon: “That Will Wake You Up in the Morning”

Published on
May 15, 2016: Pentecost Sunday Texts: Acts 2:1-21 Romans 8:14-17 I went to Honolulu on Tuesday for a workshop at the Conference office on disaster preparedness and response. It was the first time I’d been there other than going from one flight to another at the airport. Tuesday morning dawned bright and clear, so we…
Tags: #Pentecost

Sermon: “A Mother’s Prayer”

Published on
May 8, 2016: Easter 7 – Mother’s Day Acts 16:16-35 John 17:20-25 There’s such a contrast between these two passages – quite aside from their difference in length. The Acts reading is a narrative, while that in John is a prayer. The story in Acts is big and bold, even violent. In John, it’s quiet.…

Sermon: “Who Knows What You’ll Find by the River?”

Published on
May 1, 2016: Easter 6 – Rural Life Sunday – Orthodox Easter Text: Acts 16:9-15 Luke, who wrote both the Gospel we call by his name and the Book of Acts, had a taste for unconventional encounters. Last Sunday we heard the story of Peter and Cornelius, the spirit-led fisherman and the spiritually hungry centurion.…

Sermon: “What Were You Thinking, Peter?”

Published on
April 24, 2016: Easter 5 – Earth Sunday – Pacific Islander/Asian American Ministries Sunday Church of the Holy Cross UCC Hilo, Hawai’i Text: Acts 11:1-18 It must have been an odd meeting. Imagine it for a moment: Peter and Cornelius, Peter coming into the house, and Cornelius kneeling. Peter, embarrassed, telling him to get up.…
Tags: #keepitintheground
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