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Each week, we post Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Eric Anderson. If you can’t join us on Sunday morning, try following #3tweetsermon on Twitter.

Sermon: Greatness

Published on
September 19, 2021 Psalm 54Mark 9:30-37 by Eric Anderson ‘Elepaio are among the most curious of creatures. It serves them well when seeking food, because the insects they feed on hide in a lot of different places. Beyond that, however, they look at things, and listen to things, and think about things that other birds…
Tags: Discipleship

Sermon: Weird Wisdom

Published on
September 12, 2021 Proverbs 1:20-33Mark 8:27-38 by Eric Anderson The pollywog enjoyed his life. It was a simple life, with enough variety to keep things interesting without making things so interesting that, well, it got dangerous. He lived in a smallish pond that predatory creatures pretty much ignored during that crucial time that he was…
Tags: Discipleship, Wisdom

Sermon: Opened

Published on
September 5, 2021 James 2:1-17Mark 7:24-37 by Eric Anderson The albatross felt rather sorry for the other creatures on South Georgia Island. They all seemed… sadly limited. South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean is a long way from Hawai’i, almost 8,500 miles as the albatross flies, and this was a young albatross and…
Tags: Humanity

Sermon: Devotion Within and Without

Published on
August 29, 2021 James 1:17-27Mark 7:1-23 by Eric Anderson The young pueo had learned many things from his mother. He’d learned how to hop. He’d learned how to fly. He’d learned how to circle and even to hover while scanning the grasses below with his big eyes, looking for lunch. He’d learned how to drowse…
Tags: Covid-19, Devotion, Piety

Sermon: What Is Our Armor?

Published on
August 22, 2021 1 Kings 8:1, 6, 10-11 22-30, 41-43Ephesians 5:15-20 by Eric Anderson The young honu felt pretty good about life. The water he swam in was warm and clear, there was plenty to eat on and about the reef, and there were plenty of other honu about. Sometimes he liked to swim and…
Tags: Spirit, Virtue

Sermon: Awkward Bread

Published on
August 15, 2021 Ephesians 5:15-20John 6:51-58 by Eric Anderson A young ‘elepaio got the idea one day to live close to the ocean. He was still quite young. He’d left the nest, but he continued to follow his parents as they sought food and showed how it’s done. Sometimes they’d bring him choice morsels when…
Tags: Jesus

Sermon: Oh, Those Virtues

Published on
August 8, 2021 1 Kings 19:4-8Ephesians 4:25-5:2 by Eric Anderson An ‘amakihi and an i'iwi were having a conversation. Well, a discussion. Well, an argument. Well, perhaps a screaming match. The i'iwi was probably the louder, or at least the most aggressive. It shouted over every word of the ‘amakihi, who was doing its level…
Tags: Kindness, Virtue

Sermon: Heaven’s Bread

Published on
August 1, 2021Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15 Psalm 78:23-29 by Eric Anderson The ‘elepaio are curious birds. They like to look in on what other birds are doing, and what other creatures are doing, and even what people are doing in the mountain forests. Mostly, though, a young ‘elepaio is curious about one thing: What’s good to…
Tags: Blessing, Worship

Sermon: Unoriginal

Published on
July 25, 2021 2 Kings 4:42-44John 6:1-21 by Eric Anderson After some seasons together, raising a brood of chicks each year, the male in the ‘apapane couple had a new and original idea. “Let’s build our nest without new twigs and grasses and lichens this year,” he said. She looked at him. “How are we…
Tags: Worship

Sermon: Elated

Published on
July 4, 2021 2 Corinthians 12:2-10Mark 6:1-13 by Eric Anderson The plumeria was cast down. Somewhat literally, in fact. The tree itself was standing, but all its flowers and all its leaves had long since released their hold on its branches and fallen sadly to the ground. The tree looked down at the rising shoots…
Tags: Power, Sermon, Weakness
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