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Sermon: This Fellow Welcomes Sinners

March 31, 2019Fourth Sunday in Lent Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 by Eric Anderson I think my favorite new perspective on this parable this morning was literally this morning. It was a tweet from JesusofNaz316. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow Jesus. OK, you should follow Jesus anyway. But his tweet this morning went something like […]

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Pastor’s Corner: News, Good News, and a Challenge

March 20, 2019 I have some news, some good news, and a challenge. The news is that the group working on organizing a Family Promise affiliate in East Hawai’i has decided to cease those efforts. With only three congregations accepting the invitation to become Family Promise Host Churches, the Homelessness Hui of Interfaith Congregations in […]

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What I’m Thinking: A Story for All

We usually think of the story of the Prodigal Son as being about, well, the prodigal son. It’s a statement of hope for all those who wonder if they will find a warm welcome when they return home. Yet there’s also a message for others as well: for those who might deny the welcome, and […]

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Sermon: Fresh Figs

March 24, 2019Third Sunday in Lent Luke 13:1-9 by Eric Anderson Something just feels right about retributive justice. It’s got a pleasing simplicity to it. It feels fair. Do this bad thing, and that bad thing happens to you. It’s the logic of discipline for a child, a logic straightforward enough that they can follow […]

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Lenten Season and Easter Activities, 2019

Assembling the Bible Come join us on Thursday evenings in Lent from 6:30 to 7:30 to learn more about how the Bible came to be. We’ll look at the time-lines, the periods the Bible describes, the periods the Biblical books were written, and the periods when the Bible was taking its shape. We’ll look at […]

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