Pastor’s Corner: Still Streaming

April 27, 2022

We’ve resumed worshiping in person. Do we still need to stream video out to the Internet?

In short: yes.

On Monday, I got a little note: “Aloha, Eric. We were at your in person service yesterday at a distance of 4099 miles. Thanks for being there.” It came from Neil Dupree; he and Kay made sure to pass along their greetings and best regards.

With such good attendance last week, there was a predictable decline in the number of people who viewed the live stream. People have continued to visit it, however, and to view the recorded service. Some of these are people whose health makes worship attendance excessively risky or simply impossible. Some of these are people who have to work on Sunday mornings; some of these are people who live at a distance or are traveling. The Duprees are not the only familiar friends who have let us know they appreciate our streamed worship.

We will be making some shifts in the service order over the next few weeks. It will still take some time before we think choir or hymn singing will be advisable, but we will restore the story to its special place with the children this coming week. It’s important that the children know they have a special place.

We are also considering resuming some small group gatherings for Bible and book study. We haven’t set any dates yet, however, so if you have a preferred date and time please let me know. It would be nice to select a time that works well for people!

We are still “in the woods” of COVID. It remains a debilitating and potentially deadly disease, and it spreads very quickly. Get your vaccination if you can, or your booster if you’re due, and consult your physician about your own health needs.

Quoting Neil Dupree once more: “It’s been almost 10 years since we were there, and we still remember our time and our friendships there fondly. Take care and be safe.”

With aloha,

Pastor Eric

The photo – which shows the configuration for a Community Concert, not worship – is by Eric Anderson.

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