What I’m Thinking: Small Contributions

When Jesus fed a multitude, he asked first about the resources available. One child’s gift of five loaves and two fish became the source of the entire crowd’s meal. Small contributions make a difference.

Here’s a transcript:

I’m thinking about the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel (John 6:1-21), John’s version of the well-known story of Jesus feeding a multitude upon a hillside.

Like the other versions of the story, Jesus and his disciples had actually left the villages, attempting to avoid the people, to be off by themselves. A crowd turned up uninvited. And again, like other versions of the story, it was Jesus who began the conversation about how these people were to be fed. Philip protested that it would take six months to earn enough money to feed all these people. Jesus sent the disciples out to see what resources they had.

And here we’ve got John’s unique contribution to this story: the one young lad who had five loaves and two fish. It was those five loaves and two fish that, broken over and over and over again, separated over and over and over again, became the source for the food that satisfied the entire crowd and filled twelve baskets when it was done.

This story is, I think, an illustration that, although God’s power is beyond ours, human beings still have a part to play, when it seems like six months’ labor or more, or when it is what seems like a completely inadequate contribution towards a need.

We have so many needs in this world. There are hungry people out there and no, I can’t feed all of them, but I can contribute to feeding, well, at least just one. There are homeless people out there and no, I cannot build houses for them all, but I can contribute towards the raising of a home. There is still a global pandemic out there and no, I cannot protect everyone, but you know, I got my vaccination and that protects others around me as well as me.

So contribute what you can. Contribute what you can so that there are fewer people hungry, so that there are fewer people homeless. Contribute what you can so that this pandemic slows and fades, takes fewer lives, sends fewer people to the hospital.

Yours can be the five loaves and two fish that feed a multitude.

That’s what I’m thinking. I’m curious to hear what you’re thinking. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below; I’d love to hear from you.

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