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I’m thinking ahead to the Scriptures for Sunday, July 9th, this week. It’s not that I’m that efficient; it’s just that I’ll be away next Sunday (and mahalo to the Rev. Rae Lelili’o for bringing the good word on July 2nd!). I’ll be thinking of everyone while I’m at the General Synod of the UCC.

But doesn’t Abraham’s servant (whose name didn’t get recorded) have an interesting idea about the virtues of young women? The one he wants to be “The One” is the one who makes sure that both people and their animals get water. Hm.

Here’s a transcript:

Somewhat unusually for me, I’m thinking ahead this week: the Scriptures for July 9th, rather than the lectionary texts for July 2nd.

Why? Because on July 2nd I will be in Baltimore, Maryland, for the General Synod of the United Church of Christ. I’ll actually be a reporter and a photographer there, so take a look at ucc.org and at the Hawai’i Conference of the UCC website to see some of the news that I’ll be contributing to from General Synod.

But that means I’m not preaching until the 9th, so if you want to wait on this one until then, go ahead.

But what I’m thinking about is in the 24th chapter of Genesis, when Abraham’s servant goes back to his homeland up in Ur of the Chaldees in order to find a suitable bride for his son, Isaac. 

And the servant has this interesting test. He goes and stands by a well and he prays that, “Let it be the one to marry my master’s son who, when I ask her for some water, will also offer to get water for the camels.”

Interesting test, isn’t it?

It’s a test of a young person’s compassion and thoughtfulness, not just for a human being who is there to get some water as a drink, but also for the animals that that person has brought with them.

As it happens, of course, the test works, and Rebekah does become the wife of Isaac.

I just wonder if it’s a test that we can apply both to ourselves – when somebody asks us for something, what is it that we offer as well? – but also, it’s a test for the things that other people tell us that we should do, or that are right to do? Does it, in fact, equate to offering a cup of water to the person who asked, and of making sure that that water is extended even to those without human voices?

That’s what I’m thinking! I’m curious about what you’re thinking: so leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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