Pastor’s Corner: Fads which Fade, Enterprises which Endure

Here comes another fad…

You may be well aware of, or you may have heard of, or you may be treasuring your ignorance of the latest smart phone game, “Pokemon Go.” It’s been reported by major news outlets, including the Hawai’i Tribune-Herald, and it’s been the subject of conversations between al the generations. As with many electronic games, players move through an artificial reality to find resources, capture monsters, and basically earn points. What’s different is that this artificial reality is tied to the real world. Players have to move physically to find these things and earn their rewards, not just within the house, but down the street and around the corner.

For the first time I can think of, a parent can tell a child, “I don’t want you hanging around here all day. Go play your electronic game; it will get you out of the house.”

It’s been so fantastically popular that the game makers have struggled to provide enough computer capacity to serve all the players!

Popularity, however, is a fleeting thing. I remember Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies, and, heaven help us, Pet Rocks. Though some products that inspired a craze remain on store shelves, others have (mercifully) faded entirely away. I expect that Pokemon Go fever will go down after some time, and something else will come along.

Some fevers linger. Two thousand years ago, a single preacher sparked a movement that has endured. He called people to care compassionately for each other, and for religious leaders to relax rigid restrictions. Through two millennia of change and adaptation, despite some major failures to hold to the teachings of Jesus, the Church has continued to share that message. It has continued to work on the care of souls.

In our day, we face the challenge of distinguishing the fads which fade from the enterprises which endure. Pokemon Go is a game. I’m pretty sure it’s a fad – but it may spark an enterprise which propels more people from their homes into the public square, even to meet, greet, and get to know one another. Who knows?

But when Church of the Holy Cross ceases to be a Pokestop (yes, we’re in the game), I’m confident that our faith will still endure, and hungry souls can gather for nourishment and blessing.

Peace to you,

Pastor Eric

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