Blood Bank Canteen, July 22, 2016

The Church of the Holy Cross is once again sponsoring the Blood Bank of Hawai`i Canteen on Friday, July 22 in the Building of Faith from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. In addition to donating blood, we need volunteers to help provide and serve refreshments.
1) BLOOD DONORS: It is essential to have a good supply of blood for victims of accidents, surgeries, and illnesses. Wouldn‘t you want blood to be available if you need it? Call the Blood Bank at 1-800-372-9966 for an appointment.
2) REFRESHMENTS: Healthy snacks are needed for donors to eat after they donate blood.
3) VOLUNTEERS: Helpers are needed to assist in the kitchen and to serve refreshments. Please donate an hour or two for our community project.
Please call Karl at 238-6414 or Margaret at 895-0994 if you are willing to donate food or to help and haven‘t been contacted. Thank you very much.

TIPS FROM BLOOD BANK OF HAWAI`I: Preparation is important in order to have the best possible experience and as well as impact. So, before you donate remember to:
Keep your body well hydrated in preparation for a loss in body fluid. Drink 8-10 glasses of water. Avoid coffee, alcohol or caffeinated beverages that dehydrate the body.
Get adequate rest. Typically, you should get a good night’s sleep the night before your donation.
Eat a hearty meal. Be sure to have a good breakfast the morning of your donation and full meals through out the day. Include iron-rich foods in your diet to help keep hemoglobin levels within an acceptable range for donating. Consistent, long-term consumption of meats, leafy green vegetables and/or other iron-rich foods is the key.
Know the countries where you’ve traveled and when you visited them. In accordance with FDA regulations, donors may be deferred based on travel that may have exposed them to vCJD (the human form of mad cow disease), malaria or other illnesses during specified time frames.
Know your medical conditions. Bring a list of your medications and dosages you’re taking. For the safety of blood donors and recipients, donors on certain medications may be deferred or required to wait before donating.

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